Tony and Jeanette Hoft have worked as a team since 1995, first with ABB Asea Brown Boveri and then as founding members of their own marketing research agency Vision Africa. They established British Columbia based Redthirteen Communications and West Corporate Research Associates shortly after relocating to Canada in 2008 (the business of 'CRA West' was later incorporated into Redthirteen). As individuals and as a team they bring a wealth of international experience, skills and energy in complimentary disciplines.

Tony Hoft, BSc (Civ Eng)

Tony has a long business career complimented by valuable experience and financial acumen he brings to the benefit the organizations he works with. His leadership experience, enhanced by a unique ability to find patterns and trends in data, are advantages he combines with other talents to help clients better understand their own business opportunities and potential direction.

With a working career that spans more than 35 years, Tony is an accomplished leader whose earlier career was shaped in the project management, engineering and construction industry. Earning accreditation as a professional engineer within four years of graduation, Tony's affinity for project management and business development allowed him to advance quickly to general and senior management, thereafter to build his own businesses from the ground up.

His corporate leadership experience spans two decades in senior management roles with leading multinational companies including ABB Asea Brown Boveri as well as his own company Vision Africa. He attributes his success to a combination of opportunity, good fortune, inquisitiveness, strong work ethic and a willingness to accept and manage risk.

Leveraging their business insights and management skills, he and partner Jeanette Hoft co-founded and built Namibian based Vision Africa into one of most successful marketing research companies in the region, before divesting in 2008 and moving to Canada.

Tony is an active volunteer in the Okanagan community, and continues working in the field of business management, project management, marketing research and economic development. He has also earned recognition as a certified market research professional (CMRP) with the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association.

Jeanette Hoft, MPhil Communication Management, BA Hon Psychology

If you have to use one word to describe Jeanette it's probably that she's optimistic! Optimistic that there is a solution for everything and that challenges can be overcome. She believes in open discussion and treating people with fairness and respect.

Jeanette’s professional career spans 26 years, more than 16 of those in senior management positions with international public and private sector companies including BC Hydro, ABB Asea Brown Boveri, Tolko Industries, Vision Africa, Telkom and Eskom.

Described as energetic and creative, she also has strong business acumen and is entrepreneurial and innovative. Jeanette gives 100 percent of her effort to whatever she does! With broad executive management and consulting experience in all areas of corporate communications, stakeholder and marketing research, Jeanette has actively contributed to the transformation of organizations and challenging situations through effective communications. She also has in-depth experience with project management, issues and crisis management, media relations, corporate social investment and employee relations.

Jeanette has worked in a number of different business environments in her career, including two large electricity utilities, the telecommunications and forestry industries, retail, engineering contracting and financial services, across both the private and public sectors. Jeanette has also served as board member for a number of non-profit organizations and continues to serve her community in various volunteer capacities.

With a Masters degree in Communication Management, Honours in Psychology and a Postgraduate diploma in Marketing Management, Jeanette earned recognition as a Certified Marketing Research Practitioner (CMRP) with the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association and as an Accredited Public Relations Practitioner (APR) with the Canadian Public Relations Society.

Support Team

When we take on a project that requires additional skills, we can tap into the energy of a group of creative and independent professionals to deliver results that exceed client expectations every time. We understand the benefits and advantages inherent in geographical independence combined with the flexibility available to a group of self actualized individuals.

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