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2013 Central Okanagan
Business Services Guide: www.investkelowna.com

Economic Profiles

Produced for the Okanagan Valley Economic Development Society and others (below):

Okanagan Valley
Economic Profile 2015

Community Overviews:

Kelowna Community Overview

Lake Country Community Overview

Peachland Community Overview

West Kelowna Community Overview

Westbank First Nation Community Overview

... and several other useful resources at www.investkelowna.com 


At Redthirteen, we can help you with almost every aspect of your business, from research to implementation. Based in British Columbia, we work across Canada and further afield as required, to assist you to achieve your organizational goals through stakeholder-, economic and marketing research, integrated communications and marketing, project management, risk management, business processes and controls.

Business & Project Management

We offer project management services and business management support to help you develop or improve organizational structure and systems, manage timelines and resources for your projects, including:

  • Project and event management services;
  • Project estimates and budgets;
  • Project and event risk management;
  • Revenue and cost forecasts, cash flow modelling;
  • Economic research

Stakeholder, Marketing and Economic Research

Research services include primary and secondary research through qualitative and quantitative methods, strategic planning support and training.

Areas of research service include:

  • Organizational reputation research;
  • Brand, service and product research;
  • Creative concept testing;
  • Community satisfaction surveys and opinion research on local government or project initiatives;
  • Employee engagement or internal stakeholder surveys;
  • Customer satisfaction or needs surveys;
  • Economic and community profile report development.
  • Site selector profiles
  • Training of staff on stakeholder research related topics

Communications, Public Relations and Marketing

We offer full-service online and offline Communications, Public Relations and Marketing solutions. We will work with you to develop an integrated communications or marketing strategy, aimed at building your brand or organizational reputation and strengthening relationships with stakeholders using both traditional and social media. Our experience with issues management and crisis communications will help prepare you for events that could potentially damage your reputation.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Communications and brand audits;
  • Marketing research (brand, product, services);
  • Integrated communications or marketing strategy development;
  • Reputation, issues and crisis management;
  • Internal/employee communications and engagement;
  • External stakeholder relations and engagement (customers, community, media, suppliers etc);
  • Content and key message development for online and offline media;
  • Grant applications, reports and presentations, media releases, newsletters, annual reports;
  • Corporate or community social investment programs;
  • Conference and sport event management, budgeting, communications & marketing;
  • Training and workshop development for communications and PR related topics.
  • E-direct (e-mail broadcast) campaigns

Design Services

Through a long-term and trusted partnership with Louise and Michael Maske of LS Graphics, Redthirteen offers full-service on- and offline creative design services.

These services include:

  • Advertising, logo, corporate identity, signage, tradeshow booths design;
  • Newsletter, magazine, annual report design and production
  • Website architecture, design and content development
  • Search engine optimization
  • E-mail marketing
  • Mobile and event app development
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