So you have a vision, great products or services, a website and a social media presence ... why would you need to work with us?

Do you have committed customers?

Whether you run an organization, a sporting event or a conference, you need committed customers who favour you over your competitors. Your great product or service must be supported by solid relationships with your customers, suppliers, community, media and political decision makers.

Building relationships and a solid reputation doesn't happen overnight. It demands leadership, business acumen, competent engaged employees, robust systems and repeated successes. To satisfy customers and other stakeholders you need to know what they think about you and your competitors, and a strategy to achieve your objectives.

Where can we help?

Based in British Columbia, we work across Canada and further afield as required, to assist you to achieve your organizational goals through stakeholder, economic and marketing research, integrated communications and marketing, project management, and business processes and controls.

What do we do?

Planning without good information is like driving in the dark without headlights. If needed we start with research: gathering and analysing information to develop insights of specific value to you. Then we work with you to weave this understanding into your business strategy. We will also help you to develop and tell your story using an effective combination of media.

An important attribute that sets us apart from organizations that offer similar services is that we understand finance, forecasting, budgets and cash flows, and how these form an integral part of any business strategy.

As experienced project managers we can also assist you with project management and business process improvements.

Why work with us?

You want to work with a team that has business acumen and broad experience. As qualified professionals we have run our own successful businesses, have worked within or as external consultants to several sectors including financial services, telecommunications, forest products, fast-moving consumer goods, engineering and construction, electricity generation, distribution and transmission, and the events and sporting sector.

With international experience in the private and public sectors, we combine the flexibility of a small agency with the range and depth of know-how and expertise you might expect only from a much larger organization. If we don't have specific expertise, we'll call in our team of specialists.

The best place to start is with a discussion about your needs. So let's talk!